iA American's Commitment to Dealer Training

One of the key reasons to partner with iA American is our unequaled ability to offer proven training solutions, for both sales and F&I teams. As a case in point, iA American Training Institute has locations across the country, with its headquarters located in Las Vegas. Between them all, the numbers reveal what separates us from the pack: about 70 people out in the field who do training for us, six state-of-the-art facilities where we provide in-classroom training, 24/7 online training, and the option of supplemental in-store coaching.

In-Class, Online, On-Location and In-Dealership Training

Wherever you are, whenever you need it, iA American is there to provide your staff with the tools they need to reach unparalleled levels of success. With six training facilities strategically placed all across the country, it’s very possible we have a location near you. 

If attending in person isn’t an option, we offer the convenience of online classes that can be taken any time, anywhere. In addition, we can provide supplemental in-dealership training and development to reinforce the principles and processes your staff has been taught. This helps ensure employee success, and higher profits for your dealership.

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iA American's Training Locations

iA American Training Institute

Balancing the importance of profitability in the dealership with today’s increasingly stringent legal climate requires having the right training and processes for successful product sales. Let iA American Training Institute assist you with training opportunities that fit your schedule:

  • T.U.S.K. F&I School
  • In-Dealership T.U.S.K. F&I Reset
  • One-Day Power Boost
  • F&I and the Desk
  • T.U.S.K. Customer Engagement Sales Training

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iA American’s Training Leaders

Without exception, our trainers are sales and F&I rock stars who have the necessary experience and skills to help our dealer-partners achieve their financial objectives and deliver on their vision.

Eric “Frenchy” Mélon

Senior Vice President of Sales, Head of Training & Development

Frenchy is a legendary 30+ year automotive-training veteran with extensive international experience. His SDU training style is passionate, powerful, and uncompromising. His students are challenged, pushed, and entertained.

Tony Dupaquier

North American Training Director

Tony is one of the industry’s most forward-thinking F&I and sales trainers. A 30+ year veteran of the automotive industry, he leads a team of certified trainers and in-dealership developers.

Mike Holliman

National Director of Training & Academics

A natural leader, Mike is well known for the energy and extensive knowledge he brings to his classes. With 30+ years of experience in automotive retail, his students describe him as a “real car guy.”

Success Stories


One thing you guys do real well is train. I love sending my people because I know they come back focused, and if they have issues with overcoming objections, I can send them back to school. I believe that separates your company from some of the other companies I've worked with or have knowledge of ... is your training process.

Michael Rentscheler

General Manager, Jim Norton Auto Group


It's not just F&I training. They train our BDC managers, our salespeople, and our sales managers. It's a total package of training. And they don't only just train and send you on your way. They come every week or two weeks to inspect and make sure all the processes we put in place are still being worked and still in place.

Seth Wadley

Dealer Principal, Seth Wadley Auto Group