iA American’s History

Before we became iA American, we were two leading F&I providers and one "A" rated insurance company: Innovative Aftermarket Systems (IAS), SouthwestRe, and Dealers Assurance Company (DAC), respectively. 

How we began

DAC was established in 1935 by the Youngstown Sheet & Tube Company as Mahoning Insurance Company. It was one of the first captive insurance companies ever formed. In 1980, Mahoning was renamed Dealers Assurance Company. 

How we grew

Our modern history began in 1984 with the founding of IAS. Initially an ancillary coverage provider, IAS grew organically and through acquisition to become one of the largest and most successful providers of F&I solutions and training in the United States.

How we led

Founded in 1985, SouthwestRe quickly established itself as our industry’s leading reinsurance provider. In the 1990s, SouthwestRe found great success with its own line of F&I products. 

How we merged

SouthwestRe and DAC became subsidiaries of iA Financial Group in 2018.

How we're doing now

iA Financial Group purchased Innovative Aftermarket Systems (IAS) in 2020, their largest purchase of any American company to date. 

How the future looks

IAS, SouthwestRe and DAC became iA American Warranty Group (iA American) in March 2021. Together, these proud companies boast a combined 159-year history.